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POSH was founded in 1950 The price of medical supplies in Thailand was relatively high at the beginning of the company's establishment. It is mainly monopolized by large medical suppliers in Europe and America, which caused the development of basic medical devices and drug retailers in public health field is affected. Based on this, the company deems the manufacturing and supply of medical supplies and the welfare of the Thai people as the primary goal of its establishment and development.

In 1952, medical latex products produced by POSH began to enter Thailand ‘s medical and health field that enjoying it’s rapid development stage.

In 1980, the company seized the opportunity of increasing labor costs and transferring labor-intensive industries in developed capitalist countries in Europe and America. It successfully become a rubber raw material supplier of world famous enterprises MICHELIN and FIRES TONE. The company began involving in the field of industrial rubber raw material supply and substitute processing. With the second largest tire manufacturer FIRESTONE in the United States was acquired by Japanese BRIDGESTONE

In 1988 POSH lost the qualification of substitute processing agent and supplier of industrial rubber tire factory. After that, the company cooperated with Korean tire manufacturer KUMHO to manufacturing and selling consumer-grade types for civil use , and became the most important overseas raw material supplier and substitute processing agent of KUMHO. The types have been begun to supplied in large quantities to southeastern countries and Taipei region of China (Greater China Region).



With the development of KUMHO, POSHLATX's industrial rubber sector (including its own rubber garden and cooperative garden, tire processing plant and management and sales department) was wholly-owned acquired by KUMHO in 2001.

From then on, the industrial rubber sector of POSHLATEX was officially operated independently. POSHLATEX pay more attention to the construction, R&D and investment of its own medical sector after received financial support from the acquisition of the industrial rubber sector, and actively cooperate with the Design and Research Department of Mahidol University in Thailand to developing and designing medical latex products.

They developed the medical anti-bacterial latex-filled prosthesis in 2003 has provided more healthy and safe surgical prosthesis options for more than 600,000 transgender people in Thailand. Besides, the company has collaboration with domestic Royal Foundation Association to providing medical anti-bacterial latex prostheses to domestic transgender community at low price.

At that time, it passed the FDA registration and testing of Food and Drug Administration of the United States, and became the main supplier of medical grade latex-filled prosthesis for breast augmentation in Europe and the United States. POSHLATEX not only focuses on the medical field, but also enters the market of civil-oriented latex bedding.

in 2006, POSHLATEX began to selling civil-oriented latex in the market by virtue of it’s the strong product research, design and manufacturing capabilities in the medical latex field. Through introducing advanced bedding processing and manufacturing technology from Germany, it constantly pursuing high quality products as well as providing fast and convenient after-sales service. Through seven years of brand accumulation and development, in 2003, it achieved Thailand's 100 direct marketing sales plan formulated by POSHLATEX‘s Civil-oriented Latex Bedding Department. It’s independent after-sales service centers have been set up in Chiangmai, Bangkok and Phuket.

POSHLATEX ‘s Civil-oriented Latex Department will makes greater efforts to develop and grow, striving to achieve the Thai Thousand Stores Plan by 2020 and the Enter Overseas Market Plan by 2022.