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Because of its natural properties, natural latex bedding has the following characteristics

  1. Prevent From Mites And Bacteria

    Medical reports demonstrate that pillows, bed sheets and quilts are breeding hotbeds for bacteria and dust mites. The pillow contains 10% fungus and mite droppings as well as a large number of mite corpses after three years of use. Oak protein in latex has such many functions as inhibit pathogenic bacteria and potential allergens as well as inhibit the growth of pathogens and mites ,besides, oak protein can scattering natural fragrance ,and has no static electricity.

  2. Air Permeability

    Poor air permeability bedding can easily cause mites and skin diseases. Latex bedding has better air permeability and smooth latex surface, difficult for stained with mites. It has more than 520,000 net-shaped vents of natural latex, thus can effective discharge of residual heat and moisture in the body of sleepers. It provides dry sleep environment with it’s better ventilation performance to effectively reduce the number of turnovers during sleep.

  3. Deep sleep

    Latex bedding is designed according to ergonomic principle, latex pillow can better fits the curve of human cervical vertebra, and better promotes cervical microcirculation. The latex mattress can even disperses the weight of the human body, average absorbs the weight of the head to achieve all-round support, which can make you enjoying smooth and comfortable sleeping, and meanwhile, it has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture.

  4. Strong resilience

    In addition, the natural latex mattress formed by special foaming process has features of durable and strong resilience. It will not undergo deformation through use for a long time, and easy to be cleaned as well as will not suck dust, fine hair and various bacteria. Furthermore, it is easy to be cleaned by hand or machine (washing machine). As long as it is dried by fan or oven after dehydration, it will never deform and always remain clean.