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POSH LATEX’s Medical Latex Department is the most excellent department in the Group. In recent years, the department and Design and Research Department of Mahidol University in Thailand have jointly designed and developed products that have been widely supplied to public health systems in Europe, America and Thailand. The products have won the favor and trust of the people of Europe, America and Thailand with good quality, safety and reliability, and moderate price. The company will continue to makes progress and development in terms of R&D, and aimed at helps medical industry and public health in Thailand can developing at worldwide level.

POSH LATEX is a high-end brand of latex bedding products in Thailand. Since its establishment, it was recognized by the local government and users, and won Thailand's most trusted corporate honor in 2009. POSH specializes in the scientific research of ergonomics and environmental optimization. It blends painstaking efforts with the design of each piece of latex bedding to ensure that customers can able to enjoying soft, comfortable and healthy sleep with zero noise.

Selects latex collected

POSH LATEX are selects latex collected from more than 10 years of mature rubber tree. It produces modern latex bedding products has many excellent performance, and conform to human body good sleep principle through exquisite technical craft in combination with modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patented technologies. They are extremely precious because each tree produces only 30 cc of milk per day, and most rubber trees produce only 30 cc of milk per day. But the initial latex of rubber trees in 10-15 years can reaches 50cc, and contains 30 times more oak protein than the old rubber trees that over 15 years as well as 50 times than the small rubber tree that less ten years. They are very time-consuming and valuable products due to completed the production of each latex product need take at least one day or one day half. POSH LATEX requires it’s raw materials in possession of expensive and high quality, it aiming to provides consumers with safe and healthy products.